Above Steve

I’ll start my story off by telling you how and why I got into fitness and veganism. Growing up, I was a younger brother and had an early fascination with martial arts. I started strength training when I was 18 because I was tired of my brother out muscling me.  I had a pretty standard American diet as a kid, and I cringe today at some of the foods I would put in my mouth. I was fortunate to work at a GNC while I got my finance degree at Georgia State University. It was at GNC that I learned a lot about nutrition and diets on human performance. I was in college when I really started questioning the commercial food system and began to have a general concern for the wellbeing of animals, I was blindly consuming. I began to feel guilty about eating meat, so I stopped eating beef and pork when I was 24 years old. It was also around that time that I followed my desire to be stronger or more physically capable, so I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
After I graduated from college, I worked finance in corporate America for about six years. I was still very active in martial arts and strength training while fighting in amateur MMA events in the Southwest. I realized my passion didn’t lie with finance, so I decided to make a career change to what I was most passionate about. I became a full-time personal trainer in 2010 and have had no regrets. I don’t view what I do as work as I generally care about my clients and helping them achieve.
I became a full vegan at 34 years old, cutting out eggs and dairy as the last animal products in my diet. I am currently 41 years old and am better shape now than in my 20’s. I achieved my black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2015 after 12 years. I competed as a professional MMA fighter on a vegan diet.  Over the last 20 years, I have learned more about myself through my training journey and becoming vegan. It has forced me to be a better person, and I strongly value integrity, honesty, compassion, respect, and empathy towards others.  I think there is a movement growing of people starting to wake up about the state of the world and to the realization that things need to change.
I am a vegan because of animal welfare and the environment.  I believe there is a direct connection between what people eat and how they feel.  I think that I can offer a voice to those who are seeking help with becoming a part of this movement which has a spiritual element that I am passionate about. I truly believe one of the reasons I’m on earth is to help raise the vibration of the planet in my way by guiding others.
Welcome to your journey, my friend. I am here to help guide you!