The Plant Based warrior

The Plant Based Warrior is more than just a program; it is a mindset. It’s for those men who choose to operate on a higher plane through physical fitness and a vegan/plant-based lifestyle. I coach men, from all walks of life across the globe via the internet. I have 4 tiers based on your fitness level, so it doesn’t matter how advanced or how much of a beginner you are. You will LEARN to diet, lift weights, burn fat, and build muscle properly as a vegan. Daily accountability from me via the training and meal plan app is one of the program’s foundations. One on one bi-weekly deep-dive coaching calls ensure your training is on track, and you’re mindset is conducive to your success. In addition to my coaching and accountability, you will also have access to the Vegan Warrior Facebook group with other men on a similar path. The Vegan Warrior is for men that want more out of life and wants to make an impact for a better world. This program is NOT for everyone, and spots are on a limited basis.

The 5 step Vegan Warrior Path

Get the facts...why are you here?

The first phase of the program is me getting in your head and figuring out your why and what your main problems are that have led you to this point. What have you tried in the past and what did or didn’t work? If you want to make healthy habits a lifestyle it is important to identify any limiting beliefs. Change starts with the mind and figuring your pain points with training, diet, and life is an important step to change your behavior for the better.

A positive longterm Mindset.

When you have the right mindset long term, habits become a lifestyle.  You will learn to develop a mindset to keep your results sustainably that fits with your lifestyle. This isn’t just about training your body it’s also about honing or training your mind!

coached how to eat properly.

Let’s be real most people struggle with their diets. Not knowing what, how much and when to eat is a common problem especially plant based diets. When you join the vegan warrior program you will basically be taught hands on how eat as a Vegan according to your goals. When you finish the program you will have the knowledge to structure your own diet according to your lifestyle and training goals. No more guessing with what works and what doesn’t!

Coached on a progressive overload program and TRAIN PAIN-FREE.

Another one of the reasons I see guys not getting results is they don’t know what to do in the gym. If you want to build and see your muscle you need a progressive training plan simple as that. You will be taught how to train with proper technique, exercises that will fast track your results and gains and you will simply become an experienced weight lifter. Your time in the gym will be as efficient as possible in as little as time as possible. Feeling and seeing yourself get stronger over time is the most rewarding part of training. Second, If you are in great shape but have pains or injuries then what is the point. You are only as good as your weakest link in your kinetic chain. You would be surprised what a daily stretching program can do for elevating pain and easing tension off your joints. Addressing your muscular imbalances and improving your posture is included as part of your program.

Accountability...No more going it alone.

Has lack of accountability led you to failure in the past? We track your progress daily with diet, training and mental state. You won’t be alone in your journey anymore and will have a community of like minded vegan men to support and help keep each other accountable along with your personal coach.

The end result...The warrior mindset.

This program is for men who are looking for something more out of life and those who walk the raod less traveled. It is not for everyone. It is for those individuals who dare to dream of a better world where man repects his fellow man and animals and the planet. This prgram is fo rthe man who want s to be a uber fit vegan man who has a warrior mindset. As you progress with your training you begin to realize it’s also about making your mind stronger. This physical and mental training transcends everything you do. You will have more confidence at work and at home. People will look at you differently and you will notice a change not only in your physique but your mind. You will carry a quiet confidence in you. Others will take notice in the change and will start to gravitate towards you. Your body and mind are a powerful tool and this is what we are honing. Think your up to the challenge?

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