Client Testimonial

Alex Powers

"I love The Militant Vegan protein powder! I use the Vanilla in protein smoothies or simply in a shaker with almond milk. It mixes very well and tastes great too. I love that it is clean, plant-based fuel for my body. I would highly recommend it to others!" ​

Julian Lewis

"Militant Vegan protein is one of the best protein products I've used, beyond having a great natural taste, it has an extremely light feeling which is easy on the stomach and allows me to do speed work, plyometrics or anything else after my workouts without feeling weighed down and lethargic. It's be great for putting on lean mass, and has really help take the edge off my joint pain and inflammation. " ​

Melanie Stone

"Just furnished my protein smoothie after a tough workout! Definitely feeling stronger. Love seeing the changes in my energy and performance!!"

Stephen Crawford

Stephen is an avid weight lifter and mountain biker and uses the protein powder for performance and recovery.